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Into the vault is a concept of reutilization, of making art from buried designs of the past. Call it a layout archive or design gallery if you prefer old-school definitions, but the cold truth is you might never find any section that resembles a full website screenshot. It's a personal experiment that has no concrete purpose other than constantly trying to be weird, and hopefully pretty by occasion.

Each showcase, or page containing elements from a past design, comes with a line of text comprised solely of my words. While some might imply subjects that inspired the design itself, most are tidbits of broken thoughts recalled after project completion, having little to no connection to the layout featured. Treat those writings as pure entertainment, which is anything but meaningful in the context of this site. You have been warned.

Into the vault is, and will remain for a long time, an ongoing project. There will not be clearly labeled updates on what has been added or deleted at XYZ date and time: seeking and finding frames of new content is considered part of your viewing experience over time. Bon voyage!